Wednesday, August 11, 2010

July 31

All those in leadership or ministry meet at the church for prayer and visitation at 10:00 a.m. Bro. Jerry leads this and then we go out. I asked Bro. John Gray if I could put together a time of fellowship with them all. I announced to them my plan and we have scheduled this for next Saturday after visitation time. All are excited about it now and we have a week to plan it. The visiting time went well. Bro. Jerry and I had some really good Gospel witnesses in. Two different groups in particular sat and listened as Bro. Jerry went through the plan of salvation. During one of these, a man heard us talking and came in closer to listen. I saw him sit down nearby and noticed his attentiveness. I walk over to him and gave him a John and Romans booklet; that was what Bro. Jerry was reading from. He followed along and we talked to us further after.Saturday afternoon was a time of studying for Sunday’s preaching. Twice tomorrow I will be preaching and also during those times giving a report to Charity Baptist Church of the mountain trip and what God is doing in Kaintiba and Waititako Baptist Church.

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