Monday, August 16, 2010

August 1

It was a preaching day for me. Sister Helen had asked me to teach in her S.S. class (juniors) in the morning. So after this class, I was to preach in the morning service and after noon service. Through both of these times I gave a report to the church (Charity Baptist Church) about the trip in the mountains. The theme was “Open Doors” and of course I was able to preach not only of the open door God has given in Kaintiba, but the open Door to Heaven. The” Door was hung at Calvary, and it hinges on the cross.”

The day has quickly passed and I am fulfilled. Although I am drained emotionally and physically (and even spiritual to some degree), God had his way in my life this day. There are many in this church who have been praying for land and a church to be stated in Kaintiba, so they are rejoicing in how God is working.

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