Monday, August 16, 2010

August 8

I had the privilege to teach a Sunday school class again today. It was the same class as last Sunday. This gave me a chance to review with them what I taught them last week and then I taught a new lesson. One thing I miss being at my home church (Old Paths Bible Baptist Church) is the family school lesson. But what I have learned through them, I have been able to “teach others also”. Thank you pastors, for your care for the flock. Thanks be to all the teachers Father has given me over the years to bring me up in the way I should go (especially my parents). God sure has given me a rich heritage; a great responsibility rest upon my shoulders to help others carry this into the next generation.

In the main service, I again preached a message. The title Father gave me was taken right from the pages of Scripture: Behold the Man. This is the quote from Pilate. For sure our Saviour was THE MAN, and a man He was. Our Christ took upon Himself what I could not bear (He Bore It, He Wore It, He Tore It, He Made a Door for Me, He Was Heartsore for Me, He Laid up in Store for Me, He is Evermore for Me). All this while on Calvary…He is a man’s Man!!

After a short break, we assemble again for the afternoon service. I preached again, and then dismissed them to their homes. It was a busy day for me, but spiritually exhilarating. Who could ask for anything more? I am at home in this ministry and am excited to bring the family here to minister together (as a family) for the glory of God.

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