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August 7

Prayer time with all those in leadership positions at Charity Baptist Church is always a blessing. They meet for prayer and then go out to make personal visits (some to the children in their classes and others encouraging those adults that have not been faithful).

I had made an appointment to meet a man before this prayer meeting (at 9:00a.m.) that had come into Kerema from Kaintiba. He was late, but came at the time we were going out. So we made him our first “visit”. His name is Api Mairea and he is the Community Health Worker in Kaintiba. He told me that he was in Kaintiba when I was there, but it did not work out for his schedule to talk with me. When he found out that I was still here in Kerema, he sent word to me that he wanted to talk with me about some things. These “things” were, as I soon found out, that there had been 2 meetings (in the Kaintiba area) with me and the “Baptist Church” as the subject.

The first was the Catholic Church (the leadership?) in Bema and the other was the Lutheran church in a village between Bema and Kaintiba. Api was only relaying the concerns they had to me about another “denomination” coming into the area. Their main concern was that the Baptist Church would take away from their “membership”. Of course I was not there to hear all of their discourse, but I conveyed to Api that many people in Kaintiba have expressed their appreciation of our coming and there are still many that are lost. I am concerned about the spiritual welfare of all that are in that area. Even if they have been saved (many still are not, even if they do go to “church” and have a “church membership”), they still have much growing to do in their Christian walk. I told Api that God commands us to preach the whole counsel of God and that is what the Baptist are known for. Mr. Api did not tell me what his thoughts were, but he said he would relay the message up to them.

Another thing I mentioned to Api was that Pastor Jeccania has already won two “debates” with the Lutherans on doctrinal issues in Hambuwinni. And also, he is already sending out men each week to Bema to preach and begin a Baptist church there. Jeccania has many family members there and has a burden to see them saved. He is one of them, so they (the Catholic and Lutherans) should invite him to their next “meeting” to address their concerns. We will be working together in our ministries and I have full confidence that his Bible knowledge and love for God will be manifested to all. Our hearts are knit together and his answers to them would correspond with anything I might say to them.

As I left off talking to Mr. Api and headed off with Joshua to make some visits, I mused about the promise God gave me about giving me “houses and lands…with persecutions.” Whenever we do something for Father, there will always be opposition. With this thought in mind, I rejoiced that we were on the right path, because of this fact. I do not joy in the trouble, but joy in the fruit it will bring for my God. Father is worthy for us to bear any persecution that we may face in our obedience to Him.

The next hour and half were exhilarating. Father allowed Joshua and me to enter the spiritual “delivery room” of the salvation of 9 souls. A group of High School students were in the building (dorm) we came to first. Some of them were from the same village that Joshua comes from. Joshua gave them all a John and Romans booklet (from Bearing Precious Seed) and began to show them the marked verses of God’s salvation plan. They listened intently and I think all except one raised their hands to be saved. Joshua separated them into 2 groups and he had me work with half of them. I started with 4 and then another came and I went over again the Gospel message, using the sinner on the cross with Jesus as my illustration. They seemed to grasp it completely, even though my English is a little different than theirs (Australian, England English). They all called upon God through Christ as I prayed aloud for them before Father. After they finished, I gave them some Scriptures concerning their growth and Spiritual wellbeing. I told them that many temptations will come their way, as also doubts, but to be of good cheer, we have the Scriptures to war against the tempter. Father has blessed us with the blessed Word of God that we may grow thereby. Praise the Lord for the salvation of these young men!

Saturday afternoon was a time of cooking and eating food with all these that are in leadership. I had asked Bro. John (who is currently in Brisbane Australia) if I could orchestrate this party. We had a great time of fellowship, all working together to make up the food (like pot-luck). We even put our money together to by a 16 liter box of ice cream (this is the only size that was available here) It is about 5 gallons and was 86 Kina (about $33), so that is almost 7 dollars a gallon of sweet vanilla ice cream. It sure was a nice treat and the first I have had since my time here in PNG. We played volley ball; oh, the time spent together was the sweetest and precious memories were made.

During this time I had them take the time to write on a piece of paper all the names of these workers (except their name). Beside each name I told them to think of one kind thought or word about that person. I then took up the papers and compiled the full list. It is as follows:
  • Ilava: Nice + Kind and helpful + Friendly and kind + Even through storms has a smile + Nice + Faithful and loyal + Kind + Pretty and nice + Kind + A teachable spirit and shy
  • Jerry: Helpful + Strong in body and spirit + Hard worker + Friendly and handsome + Reliable, willing heart and protective + Faithful, committed + Helpful + Reliable + Good, helping + Godly, with true care
  • Avaro: Loving + Loving and caring always + Desires doing things in order + Encouraging + Gorgeous + Considerate + Faithful, loyal + Open to people + Is open (to others) + Care for others
  • Elisabeth: Always helpful + Always polite + Funny (good humor) + Lovely and nice + Friendly and kind + Quiet, friendly + Friendly + Always ready and willing to help + Loving, good + Loving and helpful
  • Helen: Kind + Loving n helpful + Very quiet and committed, Godly + Thoughtful + Soft and a kind lady + A good teacher + Thoughtful and sensitive + Generous + Kind, helping + Kind n helpful-always there
  • Evelyn: Friendly + Kind and helpful + Always smiling despite… ( ) + Happy + Beautiful + Diligent, Kind + Kind + Open to all + Beautiful + Sweet
  • Joshua: Funny (good humor) + Kind + Follows orders and brave + Hard worker + Polite and friendly + Kind + Shows that he can endure, even through battles…always pulls + Kind + Merciful, (has) patience + Helpful
  • Kerry: Friendly + Kind and helpful + Smart like her dad! + Funny (good humor) + Fun to be with + Friendly and kind + Careful, respectful + Always friendly to me + Joyful, happy + Kind
  • Rachel: (has) Joy + Kind + Calm and easy going + Helpful + Kind and reliable + Obedient, submissive + Loving + Quiet and meek spirit + Caring, loving + Good attitude
  • Rissah: Kind + Loving and helpful + Strong and Joyful + Always willing to help + Sweet + Active and helpful + Friendly and outgoing + Humble and quiet + Caring + Aggressive and pitiful (care)
  • Stacy: Joyful + Inspiring + Very dedicated and Godly + Quiet and friendly + Has a willing heart + Friendly, helpful + Friendly and helpful + Helpful + Friendly and nice + Encouraging
It was a joy to see them do this small form of appreciation toward each other. Sometimes there is strife among them because of personality conflicts. I hope through this they would realize God has a special place for each of them here in the ministry and He would have them to dwell together in unity.

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