Monday, August 16, 2010

August 3

Today I was able to submit my letter and Bino’s letter regarding the house in Kaintiba. Orisuru Avai is the man who is the official in this (Housing/Lands) office. He knows Matt Allen and he asked to give him his regards. My letter to Mr. Avai is as follows:

Dear Sir,

Please find enclosed a few pictures of the house referred to you by Bino Kikingai. It is our petition that you would allow us the use of this house indefinitely and unconditionally for the Baptist Mission and my family as we come to minister to the mountain people in Kaintiba. It has been abandoned for many years, and has fallen into disarray.

During the week of July 21-28 of 2010, I was able to see this house with Bino and with his permission swept the floors and cut the grass around the house. We did this to show the people we are in all sincerity willing to come for their sake with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are prepared to begin reconstruction and make all necessary repairs to make it a home for my family and a place of fellowship until other land is secured and a church is able to be built.
I will be returning to America (United States) on the 15th of August and hope to secure your signature for this petition before I go. The Pastor and men of Watitako Baptist Church (Hambuwinni area) are prepared to begin this in my absence. I am currently applying for work permit visas to bring my family here to work under the authority of Charity Baptist Church in Kerema with John Gray. I plan to return to Papua New Guinea as quickly as possible.
Thank you for your consideration in this matter. I pray that this finds you in good health. May our God lead you in your decision and we anticipate your prompt reply.

Sincerely, and for His Glory,

Mark A. Helzerman, Baptist Missionary

Mr. Akari, a member of Charity Baptist Church is an acquaintance of this Mr. Avai and has helped me arrange my meeting him. Mr. Avai told me to call next Monday or Tuesday to receive the official decision. I have done my part; now it is in God’s hands.

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