Monday, August 16, 2010

August 4

This day has been another day of the Lord’s business. I preached in the chapel gathering of the school. My theme was about their preparation in seeking God’s face for who they should marry. It is common in PNG for the young man to pay a bride price for their wife. This was important to include thoughts along this, because in many cases they lack the character to pay it in a timely manner. The “Bride Price” shows the value of the wife. I think of the “bride price” that Christ paid for the Church. We sure must have been special to Christ for Him to lay down His life for us. Praise be to Father for His care for us.

My time here has been more profitable than I could have ever imagined. I do miss the family back in the USA. Father has given me the grace to overcome the sorrow of being away from them so long. To help the time seem to go quicker, I have tried to stay as busy as possible here. Sometimes it is hard to accomplish much when you are waiting on others to do their part (like waiting 2 years to get a work permit for a 3 year visa). Helping in the school, reading, studying, preaching, and public ministry all have been a part to keep busy…it helps pass the time. Thanks be to God that through this trip also, my relationship and devotion to Him and with Him has flourished.

The close of this day was preaching to those that came to the mid-week service. Bro. Jerry and I have been given oversight of the church here in K-town. Through it I am fulfilled and rejoice in the part Father has allowed me to play during this trip. I am beginning to see more clearly each day how important this trip has been in preparation for bringing our family over to PNG. So much has been learned and many new relations with the New Guineans is only part of it all.

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