Friday, September 2, 2011

Mountain Anniversary Trip

What better way to celebrate your anniversary than to go to a remote area just the two of us….well sort of. We left on Monday, 29 August 2011. We first carried a load of cargo via Matt Allen's plane to Kaintiba (our future home). We then were able to go to Kanabea where Matt's airstrip is and then ride a 45 min. mule ride (Kawasaki mule that is, not the animal but the vehicle). We stayed two nights in the Allen honeymoon suite J. (Thanks to John and Selina Allen who didn't even know we were using their house while on furlough!) It was a refreshing time to be with the Matt Allen family! They are so hospitable! We are very grateful to them for allowing us to come and feeding us and providing for us for 2 days.

Besides the Allens fellowship, the most rewarding part of being there was the preacher boy, Jorim, who believes God wants him to help us in Kaintiba got married to Tabitha (not our daughter, just to clarify). It was on our anniversary! It was the first Church wedding in the bush area of Kotidanga. They were able to set an example of getting married God's way and the Lord worked it out for Mark and I to be there! AWESOME!

That was the more comfortable (from America's standards) part of the trip. The next part was exciting because we were working on our new home. We do not have running water or electricity, yet. It was challenging to fix food on an open fire. I had the blessing of having Jorim and Tabitha there to help me with this. We are not used to this but they are. One morning I sat for a half an hour trying to light a fire. L Jorim came and had it lit in a minute or less J. This white lady doesn't know everything that's for sure J.

I was telling Tabitha that we can learn from each other. I know I learned from her and hope she was able to learn from me. I was able to start working on my hamtai language learning. That is the language spoken in the area we are going. Mark did more work than me though as he put in a sink, tub and countertop, plus a door and sealed off another opening.

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